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Let's tell your story

We work with nonprofits to tell their story through data and technology

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How we work with you

User discovery

We'll review existing solutions and processes that tell us what you're trying to achieve and identify your pain points.

Through a design process that empathizes with your users, we'll work with you to create user personas, map user journeys, and define user requirements that give you a foundational blueprint that any proposed solution should prioritize and solve.

Solution architecture
Solution development
Training and handover
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Our products

See how your data can transform

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An all-in-one KPI management app that streamlines indicator roll-ups and results reporting for nonprofits.

Build a project logic model by seamlessly linking project objectives with performance indicators. Import indicators effortlessly in bulk from existing tracking methods and connect data sources from your computer or mobile data collection tool.

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Connect to streaming sources and create interactive map layers for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Introducing an interactive mapping visualization and reporting tool for nonprofits, connecting data from various sources, including mobile data collection tools like KoBoToolbox. This ensures traceable and real-time results reporting.

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Manage your activities and indicators with ease

Activity is an open source project activity and indicator management tool, simplifying measurement and organization of results for donor reporting.

Derived from a renowned open-source project initiated at Mercy Corps, Activity is now actively maintained by Hikaya and supported by a community of open-source contributors.

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Deploy open source apps in your own cloud

We provide a simple, secure, and low maintenance way for nonprofits to deploy popular open source apps on their cloud infrastructure.

Built on Kubernetes, we can deploy and auto-scale applications to a preferred hosting provider, ensure they are scanned for security vulnerabilities, perform compliance checks, and give your team access to real-time monitoring.

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Harness enterprise-grade solutions in your data pipeline

We’re architecting a common data pipeline for nonprofits to manage their unstructured datasets by importing from mobile data collection tools while hosting a series of pre-built connectors that let organizations seamlessly integrate their ERP systems.

Built using open source tools like Apache Airflow and Apache Superset, we're helping nonprofits implement end-to-end data integration and business intelligence solutions.

Our principles

How we approach digital development

Data ecosystem

We believe the way to transform into a digital organization is through utilizing a set of integrated tools that promote sharing and common understanding across the organization.

Data standardization
Data collection
Data visualization
Data storage
Commitment to open source
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Our work

We're here to walk with you through your digital transformation journey

We work with organizations on building digital products at any scale—whether its examining your ecosystem's architecture or developing a tailored solution for your project, we'll bring our sector experience to help you design the right solution using our unique perspective as an implementer and advisor.

Organizations we work with

We're proud to work with leading non-governmental organizations at various stages of their digital transformation journey.