Data Ecosystem

We believe the way to transform into a digital organization is through utilizing a set of well integrated tools that promote sharing and consistency across the organization.

Data Standardization

By investing in upfront system design, we build tools that help standardize data and to keep it up-to-date and relevant.

Standardizing data helps us reap the benefits of our systems by making it easier to roll up data and answer common questions like “Where do we work”, “Who do we work with?”, and “What did we achieve?”

Data Collection

Digitizing the way we collect and process data has never been easier with access to affordable, rugged technology to operate in low connectivity settings.

We can eliminate manual entry and data cleaning steps in record time while improving the flow of data through real-time monitoring.

Data Storage

By integrating data in a centralized and consistent manner, we can reduce duplication and encourage organizations to access more of their data for in depth analysis.

Data Visualization

Once data starts to work its way through our tools, it is coupled with automated and self-service reports and dashboards that give greater insight into all levels of the organization.

Utilizing business intelligence and visualization tools can provide organizations with relevant information that enables informed decision making.

Commitment to Open Source

Our team is committed to developing solutions using an iterative, user-centered design approach and support the use of open source software in the humanitarian community.

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